Amanda King – Travel Writer

Amanda King at the Great Wall of China
My name is Amanda King – you can find me on Google+, or at my freelance portfolio. I’m a writer by trade, a traveler by passion. Or so I tell people.

I have traveled around the world and back – really – I’ve been to over thirty countries, lived in three. But what I’m doing here is, well, rambling about travel. Sometimes it will be about international travel, but mainly I’m going to (try) and stick close to home and talk about places to go for long weekend getaways. Hence the name of the blog. Though I’m likely to stray, so bear with me. Take it in stride. Go with it. Have fun – ask questions!

But please note – the places that I say are good places to travel – I won’t have traveled to all of them…some of them, sure, but not all. I have not seen all that upstate New York and the Northeast has to offer. I’ll be going off of what people say and what I think. As an experienced traveler, I usually have a good eye for various different places to explore. Plus, I’m obsessive about traveling, so I keep an eye on things like airfare discounts and travel magazines. So if nothing else, I’ll be able to tell you what other people are saying – in a snarky, sarcastic, funny way. Enjoy!

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